E-Learning Course

The DTS e-learning course is designed to provide access to knowledge on the importance of standards in digital trade, and explore the various ways these are developed, formulated, and disseminated. The course is designed primarily for officials and policymakers in ASEAN Member States involved in policy development for digital trade, businesses and organisations engaged in digital trade, and professionals working in National Standards Bodies.


The training includes the following components providing a baseline and foundational understanding of digital trade and digital trade standards:


  • Standards-based: Setting out the standards-setting process, certification-based standards training, and other standards-based training; and
  • Non-standards-based training programs on digital trade: Setting out foundational requirements, key transformative digital technologies, and facilitation of (and process improvements of) cross-border digital trade.

The online course is designed to be accessible at all times and participants can complete the course at their respective pace.


The course contains 5 modules covering:


  • Module 1: Introduction to digital trade
  • Module 2: Introduction to standards
  • Module 3: Standards and digital trade
  • Module 4: Standards and inclusive digital trade
  • Module 5: Becoming involved with standards
Upon completion, participants will be awarded a certification after satisfactory conclusion of the course, with the course providing the stepping-stone to crucial certification-based standards training programs in key DTS.