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Artificial intelligence (AI) is rapidly becoming central to the global economy. Contrary to the common misperception that AI’s economic impact will be felt sometime in the future, different forms of AI are already transforming the way companies, governments, and communities transact and interact—contributing to the economic dynamism of economies within the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN).

As this report demonstrates, AI experimentation, innovation, and usage is already well established in every ASEAN Member State (AMS), across many key sectors and industries, and through all types of businesses and organisations. In this context, it is both urgent and important for AMS to fully harness this next engine of economic and social growth.

This report first presents on-the-ground evidence of AI activity and dynamism, highlighting the diverse variety of ways in which public- and private-sector organisations are developing and implementing AI across AMS (Section 1). It then leverages this overview of the AI landscape to examine some of the key policy issues that are making their way into ASEAN-level discussions, so as to identify how ASEAN can help AI-driven innovation emerge within AMS and across border

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