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Digital Trade in ASEAN

There are significant benefits from the use of digital technologies and across the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) region, governments are developing their domestic digital economies and seeking trade opportunities to increase the scale, speed, and scope of trade.

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The ASEAN-Australia Digital Trade Standards (DTS) Initiative is aimed at expanding political and economic linkages between ASEAN and Australia and strengthening ASEAN-Australia’s contribution to regional security and prosperity.


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Development of the evidence base, focusing on key areas of digital trade growth and inclusion, and relevant digital trade standards to ensure ASEAN and AMS know best where to focus resources and coordinating efforts.

Latest Research Reports

Thailand Market Report

The digital economy of Thailand has been growing rapidly as it adopts digital technologies to expand various industries and sectors.

Cambodia Market Report

The Cambodian government is starting to acknowledge the potential of the digital economy for Cambodia and has begun…

Digital Transactions

The growth of digital economies, accelerated by COVID-19, has transformed many industry sectors as consumers, businesses, and government…

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AI is crucial for the emergence of next-generation products and services contributing to the dynamism, inclusivity, and competitiveness of ASEAN’s digital economies. To this end, AI standards help ensure AI grows and matures in a fair, secure, and interoperable manner